Five Benefits of Personal Body Cameras

Personal body cameras are mainly used by police officers who are on duty. The cameras are deployed in a place where an incident is occurring to help provide further evidence on what happened on the ground. Most parts of the world are slowly adapting to the use of personal body cameras by police officers including in Australia.

In areas where personal body cameras have been deployed, we have already seen significant changes that can attract the interest of other countries. In this article, we are going to learn about the main advantages of using personal body cameras by law enforcers.

Advantage of personal body cameras

  • Increased public confidence in law enforcers

Although this benefit is still under hot debate, it is somehow true that the public feel much more confident to work with the law enforcers when they have body cameras because they know that everything they say or do is recorded by the cameras.

  • Reduced assault cases on police officers

Police officers usually go through a rough time when they are trying to get a civilian to cooperate. In some instances, the civilians usually throw a bunch of assaults on the law enforcers since they know that they are protected by the law. However, personal body cameras can record the assaults from the law offenders against the officers and a case can be filed against them. For this reason, lawbreakers and civilians tend to be polite and humble to the law enforcers when they spot a personal body camera on them.

  • Officer skills enhancement

Personal body cameras record incidents and store them, which later be reviewed by the commanders and then assist in enhancing the skills of the police officer. The officer is told what to do or how to act as per the video retrieved from the crime scene. This helps to enhance the skills of the law enforcer and also encourages them to perform better in the field.

  • Reduction of criminal justice costs

Without personal body cameras, there will be no solid evidence to pin down the lawbreaker. The police will end up using a lot of resources, time, and effort in finding clear evidence that can be used to penalise the accused. But if a police officer uses a personal body camera during the incident, then the video and pictures taken will provide solid evidence to open a case on the lawbreaker. This way, the police will not waste their time in finding solid evidence and the law offender will plead guilty within no time.

  • Reduction of documentation

Without a personal body camera on, a police officer will have to document every incident they come across on paper for future reference. This is a tiresome exercise and the officer may not capture the correct details as it happened in the scene. However, the personal body camera will eliminate the need to record incidents on a piece of paper since the police will record everything on the camera and later review the videos.

Where do you place a personal body camera?

Different body cameras are designed to be placed at different parts of the body. For instance, there are those body cameras that can be placed on the chest, shoulder, and head. Every part is suitable in a given circumstance and the police officer should be able to quickly shift the position of the camera to a more suitable location where it can record everything.

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