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Business is not an easy thing to do. Being an entrepreneur can really take its toll on you especially in the beginning when you start alone. This is largely because you take it upon yourself to do everything yourself.

As the organization grows,

As the organization grows, you learn you can have professional help for yourself. But sometimes this help can be hired in the very beginning too, and that can change the course of your business.

What do we mean?

What do we mean? We mean that Commercial Lawyers Perth are a service that will always come in handy whenever business is involved,

especially in the very beginning

especially in the very beginning. We operate in Australia and work to make your life easier than it already is in all business matters.

Business Registration

The very first thing that any entrepreneur must do is register their business. However, that can be quite a confusing job and can unsettle you in the very beginning. We, as lawyers, help you in doing that and ensure that any processes go as smoothly as possible. This is to


In addition to just that, we help your business stand against any injustice. In that context, we help your business fight against any illegal competition that another business may undertake.


Moreover, our services ensure that your business is compliant with the laws and regulations at all times. We take proactive action to ensure this is always true for your business. This is to ensure that your business does not harm any third parties.

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Five Major Factors to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer at Hervey Bay

From time to time, you may find yourself in need of a lawyer to represent you in certain legal matters. There are many lawyers spread across Hervey Bay City in Australia. The lawyers are ready to meet and work with new clients at any time.

But are you aware that there are lawyers who are not competent enough to help you win a case? There are many of them, it is only that you can’t tell by looking at them.

So in this article, you are going to learn the criteria to use when selecting a suitable lawyer for your case.

Criteria for selecting a decent lawyer

  • The type of lawyer you need

Law is a broad field that has been divided into several subfields to make it easy in handling cases. When finding a suitable lawyer, you need to make sure that they have specialised in the area of your interest. Some of the law fields include family law, personal injury law, employment law and so much more! Once you have understood the nature and type of case you are facing, it will be easy to find a lawyer in that particular field.

  • Experience of the lawyer

Law is a complex field and it is only conquered by the fittest lawyers. The more a lawyer spends time handling and winning or losing cases, the more he gains experience. So it would be a nice move if you find a lawyer who has proven himself over time and again that he can deliver to his client’s expectations. A well-experienced lawyer has a higher chance of winning cases than a fresh lawyer.

  • Reputation

Some lawyers have hit the headlines from time to time with their exceptional skills in conducting and winning cases. Having a good reputation in law is what makes a lawyer stand out from the rest. Imagine the respect that a lawyer earns from being one of the most renowned lawyers around. Bell Dixon Butler Lawyers Hervey Bay have a good and solid reputation in the community.

  • Location

Where the lawyer happens to stay should also be a matter of concern to you as a client. It would be better if the lawyer you hire is not far away so that in case anything pops up, you can reach him with much ease.

  • Charges

Although charges may come at the bottom of the list, it is crucial that you also consider the amount that the lawyer charges for his services. Some lawyers are just too expensive and you cannot handle their cost unless you agree to the no-fee policy. Although you are in great need of sticking to your budget, ensure that the lawyer you hire has the above crucial qualities to guarantee that you are investing in the right person.

The main reason why Hervey Bay is known for producing the best lawyers in the world

Most renowned lawyers that have attracted the world’s interest come from Hervey Bay in Australia. This city has several law schools that are known to have quality resources and facilities for training lawyers. Most of them usually thrive in the field immediately after they complete their training. So if you happen to be around Hervey Bay city, then you are lucky to be in a place where you can easily reach excellent lawyers when you are in urgent need.

Five Benefits of Personal Body Cameras

Personal body cameras are mainly used by police officers who are on duty. The cameras are deployed in a place where an incident is occurring to help provide further evidence on what happened on the ground. Most parts of the world are slowly adapting to the use of personal body cameras by police officers including in Australia.

In areas where personal body cameras have been deployed, we have already seen significant changes that can attract the interest of other countries. In this article, we are going to learn about the main advantages of using personal body cameras by law enforcers.

Advantage of personal body cameras

  • Increased public confidence in law enforcers

Although this benefit is still under hot debate, it is somehow true that the public feel much more confident to work with the law enforcers when they have body cameras because they know that everything they say or do is recorded by the cameras.

  • Reduced assault cases on police officers

Police officers usually go through a rough time when they are trying to get a civilian to cooperate. In some instances, the civilians usually throw a bunch of assaults on the law enforcers since they know that they are protected by the law. However, personal body cameras can record the assaults from the law offenders against the officers and a case can be filed against them. For this reason, lawbreakers and civilians tend to be polite and humble to the law enforcers when they spot a personal body camera on them.

  • Officer skills enhancement

Personal body cameras record incidents and store them, which later be reviewed by the commanders and then assist in enhancing the skills of the police officer. The officer is told what to do or how to act as per the video retrieved from the crime scene. This helps to enhance the skills of the law enforcer and also encourages them to perform better in the field.

  • Reduction of criminal justice costs

Without personal body cameras, there will be no solid evidence to pin down the lawbreaker. The police will end up using a lot of resources, time, and effort in finding clear evidence that can be used to penalise the accused. But if a police officer uses a personal body camera during the incident, then the video and pictures taken will provide solid evidence to open a case on the lawbreaker. This way, the police will not waste their time in finding solid evidence and the law offender will plead guilty within no time.

  • Reduction of documentation

Without a personal body camera on, a police officer will have to document every incident they come across on paper for future reference. This is a tiresome exercise and the officer may not capture the correct details as it happened in the scene. However, the personal body camera will eliminate the need to record incidents on a piece of paper since the police will record everything on the camera and later review the videos.

Where do you place a personal body camera?

Different body cameras are designed to be placed at different parts of the body. For instance, there are those body cameras that can be placed on the chest, shoulder, and head. Every part is suitable in a given circumstance and the police officer should be able to quickly shift the position of the camera to a more suitable location where it can record everything.

Get your body camera from Comvision Australia.

Categories Of Trusts And Their Purpose

What is a trust? It can be defined as a fiduciary relationship where one party (trustor) grants another party (trustee) the authority to claim the title to assets or properties for the interest of the third party (beneficiary). A trust provides a legal cover for the trustor’s properties by ensuring that the assets are distributed based on the will of the trustor. As a result, it helps to minimise paperwork, save on time, and reduce estate taxes.

Categories of trusts

There are several kinds of trusts that exist in the world today. However, the three major categories in which all of them fit are as described below:

  • Living/Testamentary trust

A living trust refers to a written content whereby a person’s assets are given as a trust so that the individual can use and benefit from the assets throughout his life. When the person dies, the properties are then transferred to their beneficiaries by a trustee.

On the other hand, a testamentary trust is a type of trust that outlines how the individual’s assets are to be precisely designated after their death. It shows the ratio of dividing that assets including specific details on the kind of assets.

  • Revocable and irrevocable trust

A revocable trust refers to a type of trust that can be terminated or changed by a trustor throughout his lifetime. The trustor has the chance to change beneficiaries or how the property is to be shared. They also have the right to terminate the trust if they want to.

On the contrary, an irrevocable trust refers to the kind of a trust that the trustor has no rights to change or terminate. Once an irrevocable trust is established, it cannot be altered in any way, and the beneficiaries will get the assets after the person’s death.

A living trust can either be revocable/irrevocable depending on the will of the trustor. However, a testamentary is only irrevocable.

  • Funded or unfunded trust

A funded trust is that which the trustor puts assets in it throughout their life. It allows a trustor to add in more and more assets as they wish until their death.

An unfunded trust only entails the agreement with no means of funding. Unfunded trusts can transit to be funded upon the death of the trustor or still remain unfunded.

All types of trusts fall under the above mentioned three major categories depending on nature and purpose.

Where do I get a trust?

As an individual, you might want to obtain a trust, but you have no idea where to start. The good thing is that the internet has ensured you get quick information on anything you want and can even direct you on how and when to obtain a trust. A trust will guarantee a straightforward future for your beneficiaries and help to avoid the quarrels and tussles that may arise over properties.

As mentioned earlier, trusts involve three major parties, which include the trustor, trustee, and the beneficiary. It starts with a potential trustor approaching a trustee, which can be a firm or an individual, and informing them of their wish to obtain a trust. The trustee will then follow the steps that the individual needs to follow in order to obtain trust. The trustor is required to provide correct information with any omission or addition whatsoever. The trustee can then take an extra step to validate the truth of the information by dispatching a team to find out if the assets in question exist.

What is unfair dismissal?

In every business or organisation, you must employ staff to make sure it runs smoothly and reaches all its goals and objectives. After employing individuals either on permanent or contractual terms, it may not be an automatic assurance to maintain those workers. You may dismiss some due to gross misconduct or other reasons that will culminate in employee layoff. So what is unfair dismissal? It is a situation when businesses or organisations dismiss workers without genuine reasons.

For you to terminate your employee, you must have tangible reasons to protect you from an employment tribunal. If it is determined that your dismissal was unfair, you might end up draining your pockets in compensation. To avoid such incidents, you should use the right procedures to dismiss an employee.

Reasons to dismiss an employee

It would help if you dismissed your workers fairly, here are some genuine reasons to dismiss an employee:

  • If your employee cannot execute given roles
  • In case of redundancy; if the job is no longer necessary.
  • If statutory duty rises,
  • If an employee misconducts

For an employee to make claims on unfair dismissal, they should have worked for at least two years with the business or the organisation. Business firing employees for the following reasons is automatically unfair:

  • Maternity or paternity leave.
  • Adoption leave for your employee.
  • Shared parental leave is necessary for your employee.
  • If employees try to enforce their right to receive the minimum wage, a government policy on salaries and remuneration
  • If employees exposed wrongdoing in your workplace.

If your employee takes claims to an employment tribunal, and the process concludes that the dismissal was unfair, you may chip into your incomes to make compensation for the all-year salary. Amount to compensate depends on whether the case was due to health or safety reasons, despite the worker’s time on your premises.

It may help if you did not dismiss someone on probation because the employee in such a condition should have time to improve performance. With time, someone may gain experience and stand out in performance.

There are some contractual rights during employment from the first day that both employer and employee should immediately sign and commence.

What should you do to protect your company?

For you to protect your company and ensure employees get fair treatment, you should make sure you:

  • Provide your staff with copies of all policies and procedures to follow during working hours.
  •  It may help if you make notes of all actions taken by an employment tribunal.
  •  You should keep all copies of the messages.
  • Let employees be aware of company rules and regulations all the time. You should consult widely before concluding dismissing an employee and trying to solve issues correctly, by following disciplinary procedures. Here are the steps you should follow:
    • Have informed talks with your employee, this may allow room for improvement in their performance or code of conduct.
    • Hold a thorough investigation to enable you to establish real facts.
    • Make sure you have a disciplinary hearing.
    • It would help if you made decisions based on your investigation.
    • Allow your employees to appeal the decisions after warnings if they don’t show any sign of conduct improvement. It gives you room to take different disciplinary procedures to make more severe sanctions.
    • You can dismiss an employee after failing to improve; this gives you specific protection against claims made for unfair dismissal.

See an unfair dismissal lawyer in Gold Coast to help you.

How commercial litigation lawyers can help your business

One of the growing areas in the legal industry is litigation. The increase in the litigation practice area has made it imperative for law firms to create a commercial litigation department.

Corporations make up most of the clientele when it comes to litigation cases. Yet, medium and large businesses also need the help of commercial litigation lawyers for them to sustain business growth.

Growing a business can be hindered when legal setbacks are encountered along the way. Getting sued or facing a dispute is probably one of the pitfalls that every business or corporation wants to avoid at all costs.

While legal setbacks are unavoidable in the world of business and finance, hiring commercial litigation lawyers before starting a business is the smartest option. Here’s why:

Proper legal structure

A proper legal structure should be in place when starting a business. This means that a business has to choose the proper structure ranging from a partnership, a corporation, a sole proprietorship, or an LLC.

Operating legally within the proper legal structure is ensured when working with a commercial litigation lawyer. Your legal expert not only makes sure that the correct formation type is applied to your business; he/she will also ensure that the rights accorded to the chosen legal structure are protected.

Draft contracts and agreements

Partnering with another person to operate and run a business is a sound business plan. Yet, it should be remembered that partnerships bring their share of legal considerations and implications. Protecting the interests of both partners needs help from a commercial litigation lawyer. He/she will draft contracts and agreements that work to the best interests of both partners in case a breach of contract or dispute happens in the future.

Draft legally binding contracts

Doing business with employees, other organisations, partners, vendors and suppliers, and service agreements need legally binding contracts. Disputes arising from the executed contracts can be avoided or mediated by a commercial litigation lawyer. Legally binding contracts between people and businesses drafted by a commercial litigation lawyer are often required by the courts. A legally binding contract is the best weapon to have when it comes to settling disputes and/or proving a breach of contract.

Fraud-free business

Businesses subjected to fraud disputes seem to be on the rise nowadays. It seems that no type of business is safe from fraudulent accusations. Yet, not all fraudulent disputes filed against corporations or businesses have merit. The smartest way for a business to fight off fraudulent claims is to have a reputable and experienced commercial litigation lawyer in its corner.

Iron out duties and responsibilities

Partnerships are often confused about the duties and responsibilities they need to fulfil to make the business thrive. The breakdown of duties and responsibilities is often perplexing. Ironing out or spelling out the exact functions of each partner becomes clearer with the help of a good commercial litigation lawyer.

Employment issues

A business with employees often faces tremendous employment issues. The issues range from employee lawsuits to workers’ compensation claims. A commercial litigation lawyer is the best help to have around regardless of the cause or reason of lawsuits filed by an employee to an employer.

Business practices today are more complicated compared to past decades. The best way for businesses or organisations to avoid being mired in future disputes and lawsuits is to hire a competent commercial litigation lawyer at the earliest time possible.

What To Do If Your Legal Rights Are Being Violated At Work

If you work as an employee, chances are that your legal rights have been violated at your workplace. Sadly, violating the legal rights of the employees at a workplace has become so normalized, that people do not care at all and have accepted this thing the way it is. Moreover, despite having labor rights workers might feel jeopardized, exploited, and unprotected which is not acceptable at all. if you feel your rights are being violated do stand for yourself. However, here is what to do if your legal rights are being violated at work so that you can get your problem solved without feeling helpless.

Educate yourself 

The initial step would be to make sure that the right you think have been violated is actually illegal. Keep in mind, there are three types that an employee can have their rights violated: discrimination and harassment,  unpaid dues, and illegitimate termination. Therefore, before taking any action inform yourself and make sure that you actually have a lawful allegation. You can get yourself educated by studying labor law, visit a government advisory agency, or consider an immigration lawyer adelaide to make sure either your rights have been violated or not. 

Report the issue to the employer

The second phase would be to officially address the problem to your boss in a written form. Demonstrate and clarify your situation as well as you can. Moreover, to make your case strong you can mention the articles in the law related to your case. Make sure you sign and mention the date on your writing before delivering it. Furthermore, depending upon the category your case falls in, your employer would be granted a certain amount of days to investigate and resolve the issue.

Get security from the court

In this step, if your boss fails to acknowledge your situation in a certain time period, then the later step would be to get security from the court and hire an immigration lawyer before taking any further action. As your case is filed in the court you automatically get the protection and the company won’t be able to fire you. Moreover, you will get the right to stop working without being fired but, if you stop working without getting security from the court then your case in fact can be resolved.

Report your employer

If you have gone through all the above steps and still your employer does not respond or tries to solve your problem then you should definitely report them. You should contact an agency that can inspect your case. Furthermore, the agency will investigate the case and if the employer is at the fault of violating your rights then he will be charged guilty and will be punished.

Hence, this article will help you to know what to do when your legal rights are being violated at work. If you think that your right has been violated, take action immediately and legally. Never opt for an illegal way or take action without educating yourself about the case. Moreover, study your case first, involve the court and agencies to get your case inspected and resolved legally, so that the one at fault can be charged with guilt.

Civil Procedure Law: 5 tips to best face it

Civil Procedure Law is perhaps one of the most feared exams by the students of the Faculty of Law, since the books are not that simple and light. This matter, in fact, deals with all the legal rules which, in a State, serve to regulate the conduct of the civil trial, that is, the procedure that the State decides to make available for the resolution of disputes concerning private rights.

How do you justify this tool? Because the state cannot and does not want to tolerate that private entities autonomously resolve conflicts that can arise in the context of coexistence and beyond; there are many factors, but we are not here to prepare for the exam.

We are here to find the right way to prepare for the Civil Procedure Law exam and, to do it in the best way, we at Docsity turned to Caterina Deodati , who two months ago graduated in Law in Rome , facing the discussion just as we all imagine it: a mix of emotion, pride, gratitude; and, like all students of this faculty, he had to take the exam of this much hated subject.

1 – It is necessary to understand the various issues presented by making the concepts their own , making specific reference to the code especially for the most important parts to be explored.

2 – Study little by little, but every day . In this way you do not worry and you can easily reach the final goal.

3 – 60% of this exam is given by the preparation, to optimize working times I advise not to give weight to the thousand stories of the university colleagues, because everyone reports their own experience which will not necessarily be the same as ours.

4 – First read the entire textbook, then summarize and repeat in a loop. Sometimes doing summaries can be a waste of time, but in this case it is very useful for learning better. The mistake not to be committed is to highlight the secondary aspects in these summaries, leaving out the fundamental ones , so as to make everything counterproductive: let us remember that the summaries only help if they are done well.

5 – Civil procedural law is very difficult and, as said before, it cannot be assimilated all together and must be lived with serenity.because it cannot be prepared in just two months or a little more.

What is commercial law?

Since its origin, commercial law has been the right of merchants, that is to say all the rules which apply to merchants for relations between
merchants or a merchant / a third party. From the start it was the merchants who were interested in commercial law.

Given that we are faced with a specific body of law, commercial law is made by merchants for merchants, it is the law that applies to
merchants. Commercial law is a corporate law because it is made by traders for traders. Yes, it applies to traders it is partly true
but not that, there are also many rules that apply to non-
traders (bankruptcy law, competition law).

Commercial law applies to commercial operations, whether
professional or non-professional, but + / + the applicable rules are
also applied to civil acts. Indeed, commercial law applies to commercial acts even when a commercial act is made by a non-professional, commercial law will be applied by the presence of a commercial act. We will have to differentiate between civil and commercial acts, because there are not the same applications.

Commercial law should be seen as a juxtaposition of different matters which makes it difficult to identify unitary principles. It is + / + extended to the detriment of civil law. Civilian institutions copy the commercial institutions of + / +. This makes the specificity of commercial law difficult to determine. In matters of common law, the nature and origins are diverse.

Commercial law adapts to the economy, so it is constantly evolving. It has this specificity of being always torn between the law that emanates from practice (traceable to spontaneous law) and learned law (more usual / enacted law). Commercial law is therefore the balance between these two forces.

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