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Civil Procedure Law: 5 tips to best face it

Civil Procedure Law is perhaps one of the most feared exams by the students of the Faculty of Law, since the books are not that simple and light. This matter, in fact, deals with all the legal rules which, in a State, serve to regulate the conduct of the civil trial, that is, the procedure that the State decides to make available for the resolution of disputes concerning private rights.

How do you justify this tool? Because the state cannot and does not want to tolerate that private entities autonomously resolve conflicts that can arise in the context of coexistence and beyond; there are many factors, but we are not here to prepare for the exam.

We are here to find the right way to prepare for the Civil Procedure Law exam and, to do it in the best way, we at Docsity turned to Caterina Deodati , who two months ago graduated in Law in Rome , facing the discussion just as we all imagine it: a mix of emotion, pride, gratitude; and, like all students of this faculty, he had to take the exam of this much hated subject.

1 – It is necessary to understand the various issues presented by making the concepts their own , making specific reference to the code especially for the most important parts to be explored.

2 – Study little by little, but every day . In this way you do not worry and you can easily reach the final goal.

3 – 60% of this exam is given by the preparation, to optimize working times I advise not to give weight to the thousand stories of the university colleagues, because everyone reports their own experience which will not necessarily be the same as ours.

4 – First read the entire textbook, then summarize and repeat in a loop. Sometimes doing summaries can be a waste of time, but in this case it is very useful for learning better. The mistake not to be committed is to highlight the secondary aspects in these summaries, leaving out the fundamental ones , so as to make everything counterproductive: let us remember that the summaries only help if they are done well.

5 – Civil procedural law is very difficult and, as said before, it cannot be assimilated all together and must be lived with serenity.because it cannot be prepared in just two months or a little more.

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